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Ernie Els

This South African favourite is a healthy, high-energy snack with a great flavour.
Ernie Els Biltong is also gluten free and an excellent source of protein.

The product was launched in 2019, initially with online sales but now being rolled-out in selected pro shops across the United States. “This Ernie Els Biltong is seriously good stuff,” says Ernie. “The flavour is just how I like it. It’s an authentic South African recipe, a tasty and nutritious, high protein product, the perfect high-energy snack for golfers, athletes, or anyone on-the-go leading a busy life.”

Biltong is a popular traditional South African product made by seasoning and drying meat. It dates all the way back to the European settlers in Southern Africa in the early 17th century. With limited resources and no way to protect their meat from the hot climate, the settlers refined the curing process as a necessary means of preservation. Standing the test of time, this delicious and effective curing process is still utilized around the world to this day.

Biltong is a great natural source of protein and is naturally high in vitamin B12 and iron, helping with muscle maintenance and assisting in the creation of red blood cells and the restoration of amino acid supply. With so many amazing nutritional benefits and an unbeatable flavour, biltong is quickly becoming one of the world’s most popular snacks.

“We pride ourselves in bringing together the traditional South African inspired recipe and quality USA products to make an outstanding biltong,” commented a spokesperson for the company.

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