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Ernie Els has been voted the recipient of the 2018 Jim Murray Award, named after the late legendary Los Angeles Times columnist and Pulitzer Prize winner.

The award, sponsored by ASAP Sports, is given annually by the Golf Writers Association of America to a player for his cooperation, quotability and accommodation to the media, and for reflecting the most positive aspects of the working relationship between athlete and journalist.

“Thank you to everyone at the Golf Writers Association of America and ASAP Sports for this honour,” commented Ernie. “What a nice gift to start the New Year! Jim Murray was a brilliant, funny writer and obviously a legend in his field, so it’s nice that this award is named after him and, from my point of view, it makes the award more special.

“I’ve always enjoyed a good relationship with the golf media. In fact, many of the writers, pundits and commentators that travel the world with us have become good friends of mine. They have a pretty tough job and I have a lot of respect for what they do. That’s why I’ve always tried to be honest and ‘give it straight’ in press conferences, which I think they’ve appreciated over the years.”