The Big Easy Winebar & Grill Miami: What the press are saying

21 Apr

We bring together a collection of comments and reviews from the many media outlets that have visited and enjoyed the latest new Big Easy Winebar & Grill.

‘Offering a taste of authentic South African cuisine, the restaurant is now open at the shiny and new Brickell City Centre. One look at the menu and I could not wait to dig in. I didn’t know where to start; too many options, too little time. Every category (Tid Bits, Starters, For the Table, Salads, The Grill, Sauces, Sides, Chef’s Butter, Ernie’s Favorites, From the Sea, Chef’s Selections, and of course, Desserts) listed something interesting or that I just had to try. Luckily I’ve visited twice and have been able to try a good portion of the menu. Set against a rich earth-toned palette, the restaurant’s effortless and rustic chic decor honors Western Cape: imported furniture, leather banquettes and chairs, rustic wood finishes, carved wood accents, and framed black and white photographs (of Els’ career and travels). The hostess, wait-staff, and manager all provided knowledgeable service with a genuine smile both visits. The staff worked nonstop, scurrying here and there without much down time. Napkins were often refolded multiple times when patrons momentarily left the table (a nice touch not often seen at casual restaurants). I also noticed a waiter meticulously rearrange all the placemats on a table until they lined up perfectly centered with each chair. I love attention to such details.’

‘From the moment I walked into Big Easy Winebar & Grill inside the new Brickell City Centre, I knew it was going to be a very different kind of Miami experience. Unlike the city’s usual, overdone glitz, the restaurant’s earthy, South African-inspired accents give the space a sultry, masculine feel. The space is furnished with rich dark leather seating, marble stone, hardwood tables and industrial-like chandeliers. I felt like I was eating in my friend’s living room. And after all the good meat, seafood and wine, I only wanted to be on a living room couch or in bed. The (wine and) food coma is real.’ –

Big Easy Miami blog header

‘Enter to find the Afrikaans word ‘gesellig’, meaning a social gathering like a braai with close friends and family, spelled vertically opposite the hostess stand. That’s just what is encouraged here in the relaxed but classy space designed to make it seem like you are in golfer Ernie Els’ living room.’ – Miami Herald

‘South African pro golfer Ernie Els is easy to love, hence his nickname ‘The Big Easy’. So when the former world number one-turned-winemaker-turned-restaurateur launched his first wine bar and grill, The Big Easy was a natural moniker choice, especially given that it, too, is easy to love. The dining room is at once casual and cosmopolitan, reflecting The Big Easy’s worldly menu. And…what is there to dislike about pork belly popsicles doused in South African mango braai sauce and jalapeño jam, cowboy candy, fried green tomatoes crowned with tomato chutney and fried morsels of more pork belly and bacon jam, or a four-hour-braised lamb shank served in a bread bowl?’ – Ocean Drive Magazine

‘The sprawling space at Brickell City Centre evokes the textures and colors of South Africa with cushy leather chairs, reclaimed wood floors marbled stone, earth-toned fabrics and clay pottery. They all combine to make the space feel like dining in cozy home of a wealthy winemaker. The “Ernie’s Favorites” section of the menu comprises an Angry Duck Curry made with duck breast, red Madras curry and basmati rice and a Durban Bunny Chow. Desserts are as rich as the setting with a Nutella bread pudding and a traditional malva pudding cake, consisting of a spongy caramelized cake topped by a cream sauce. Bottom line: Miami’s first upscale South African-influenced restaurant also happens to be a great spot for cocktails and hearty grilled meats.’

‘With a few successful restaurants already situated in Cape Town, Ernie Els took the opportunity to introduce South Africa to Miami through means of food by opening his restaurant Big Easy Winebar & Grill. With Executive Chef, Maryna Frederiksen at the forefront of this restaurant, her knowledge of food and SA heritage (born and raised on a farm in South Africa) makes her the perfect person to feed the crowds of Miami!’

‘As if Downtown Miami’s dazzling Brickell City Centre wasn’t exciting enough already, now, it has a new restaurant that Miami’s finest have been eager to try. Miami’s only option for haute, authentic South African cuisine. What would a place named after The Big Easy be without some hearty comfort food and good wine? Eat like the Hall of Famer himself with a part of the menu called Ernie’s Favorites, featuring plates like Angry Duck Curry or Durban Bunny Chow with slow-roasted lamb shank. For the cherry on top of your lunch, dinner or Sunday brunch, pair it all with South African wines and vintages from Ernie Els’ own vineyards, handpicked by Louis Strydom, an esteemed winemaker with immeasurable knowledge of South African wines.’





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