Els Iced Coffee

Els Iced Coffee, which launched in three flavours – original, chocolate and mint chocolate – during the summer of 2017, is now available to order online (see link below).

The key ingredients of Els Iced Coffee are fresh cream from a dairy in Wisconsin, a blend of coffee flavours and, of course, alcohol. Indeed, it is the first such product available in the US with a 12.5% ABV content, which partly helps explain its unique taste.

“In that sense, we’re first to the market with this product,” explains the brand’s co-founder Cayce Kerr, “and that’s obviously very exciting for us. The taste profile is extremely distinctive and it has tested favourably against a number of competitor products. We’ve had very positive responses; people describing it as light, clean, refreshing, smooth and well-balanced. It’s extremely drinkable and there’s really no ambiguity; we find people tend to love it straight away.”

Cayce Kerr first met Ernie Els on the range at Royal Birkdale in 1989, just before Ernie turned professional. They’ve been friends ever since, often paired together on the golf course during Cayce’s tenure on the bag with other top players. Then, in the spring of 2016, Cayce began caddying for Ernie. It was this latest chapter in their friendship that provided the catalyst for Els Iced Coffee.

“Ernie was in a meeting in Florida with his management team at the start of 2017,” recalls Cayce. “I’d already got to the stage where we’d created samples of the iced coffee and I was excited about the product, so I brought a few bottles into the office for everyone to try. They all loved it. In fact, Ernie loved it so much that he said he wanted to put his name to it. That’s how Els Iced Coffee was born and the rest, as they say, is history.”

Ernie himself has, of course, proved in recent years that his entrepreneurial skills are as potent as his silky-smooth golf swing. He is the figure-head and driving force behind a diverse range of endeavours such as international golf course design, wines, restaurants, residential property, golf academies and a partnership in an athletic scholarship agency. In particular, Ernie’s knowledge of wine production and international sales and distribution, will have many shared synergies in terms of growing the Els Iced Coffee brand.

Indeed, building a successful business from scratch is a well-trodden path for Ernie. When discussing the commonalities of high-achievement in business and in sport, he believes there are a lot of parallels. “You need to be dedicated, you have to work hard and be extremely focused on your goals,” says Ernie. “You can’t live a regular 9-5 life if you want to get to the top either in sport or in business. You have to make sacrifices and that was something that I learnt at the start of my career. I’ve also since learnt that you need to surround yourself with a great team. And obviously you need a great product.”

On that criteria, Els Iced Coffee has all the right ingredients for success!

Order Els Iced Coffee
Visit the website: http://www.internetwines.com/48702.html

For more information
Telephone Cayce Kerr, (001) 714 612 3204, or email caycekerr@yahoo.com.
Visit the website: www.elsicedcoffee.com.




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