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17 Mar

Here’s a chance to update you on what I’ve been working on with the guys at Adams Golf and where we’re at in terms of my current set of clubs.

Innisbrook in March was my first week with the new Adams XTD Driver in the bag. It’s a 10½-degree loft, bent to 11 degrees. Always with the driver, feel is the key for me – basically having control over the golf ball ‘under the gun’ and being able to work the ball without too much effort.

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I like the technology in Adams Tight Lies; they’re forgiving and the way the club has been designed means you can easily get the ball up in the air from pretty much any type of lie. I’m going into par-5s with plenty of height so I can stop the ball on the greens. I’ve got a 14-degree 3-wood, bent to 15½ and a 19-degree 5-wood, which the guys have bent to 18, both fitted with a Fujikura shaft, which I’ve been using for a long time.

Ernie Els Adams Golf

We’ve got the Pro Mini Hybrids in the bag; a 20-degree, which is equivalent to a 3-iron and that flies about 240. Then there’s a 23-degree, bent to 22 degrees, which is a bit stronger than a 4-iron. That flies around 220, maybe 225. They’re such versatile clubs, because you can play them off the tee, from the fairway, out of the rough, even for little chip-and-run shots around the greens. Honestly, I can see now why Adams is No.1 hybrid on Tour #OwnTheSecondShot

The new XTD Tour Irons are the most comfortable iron that I’ve played in my career. The first two weeks in the bag were at LA and then at the Matchplay, which I came close to winning, so to have a club in the bag that quickly and have good results says a lot. We worked with the Adams engineers to get these just how I like them – we took away a bit of the offset, which means a little less draw for me, and we sharpened up the edges. When you look down it’s like a blade but you get the performance advantages of a more forgiving club. Feel is good, too.

Starting with a 48-degree pitching-wedge, which is quite a strong wedge; that flies between 135-138 yards depending on air temperature. For the other wedges we’re still working with the engineers on a few ideas, so for now we have some prototypes in the bag. The lofts are 52, 57 and 62, which gives me a good spread of yardages and obviously plenty of shot options around the greens.

Meet my new weapon on the greens! This is the Yes! Callie 12 and the length is 37 inches. It’s counter-weighted with a bit more weight in the grip, which feels very comfortable. Putting with short putters you have a lot of weight in the head, so throughout my career my hands would tend to work over-time. The new Callie 12 has more weight in the grip, which keeps the hands and the putter-head a little more in sync. One of the things I’ve noticed in recent months is I’m getting a nice bit of lag in my stroke again and not cutting across the ball, which has made a big difference. Also, the C-groove technology on the putter-face really puts a pure roll on the ball. It’s very impressive.

World Golf Championships-Accenture Match Play Championship - Round Two

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