Ernie has some ‘ECCO COOL’ new shoes!

06 Dec

Leading golf footwear innovator and sponsor of Ernie Els, ECCO Golf, is pioneering technology unique to the golf sector with the new ECCO COOL shoe.

A joint venture between ECCO Golf and GORE, the technology is a result of the parties’ desire to create a golf shoe that combines unparalleled walking pleasure and climate comfort, as well as exceptional protection from the elements. Underlining ECCO Golf’s commitment to pushing boundaries through innovation in the new ECCO COOL shoe is the introduction of GORE-TEX® SURROUND™ technology. An advanced air channelling system within the grid-shaped sole structure provides 360° breathability without compromising on waterproof protection, in order to keep feet dry in all conditions. Excess moisture and heat is able to escape through the upper GORE-TEX membrane assembly, as well as laterally through the highly breathable midsole, ensuring feet stay dry and comfortable, even in warmer conditions.

ECCO COOL highlights the company’s commitment to innovate, through a unique set of performance and comfort properties, including:

  • An innovative, direct injected midsole, engineered from a grid-shaped structure to enhance airflow through a series of channels
  • SURROUND technology for highly breathable, 360° climate comfort, which reduces the risk of blisters and chafing, as well as durable waterproof protection from every angle
  • A luxurious, HYDROMAX® treated yak leather upper that’s naturally soft, breathable, and strong
  • Exceptional cushioning, flexibility, and durability provided by a direct injected PU midsole

“Being able to provide complete breathability without compromising on waterproof protection is a genuine first in the golf footwear sector,” said Michael Waack, Head of Global Golf at ECCO. “We’re truly excited about this revolutionary new development and can’t wait for golfers to experience the exceptional comfort, breathability, and protection that ECCO COOL provides.”

ECCO COOL also boasts the CHAMP® SLIM-Lok cleat system, as well as a removable inlay sole, which offers extra width for those who require it. As is the case with all of the golf shoes in ECCO Golf’s Spring/Summer 2017 Collection, ECCO COOL SURROUND is crafted at company-owned factories that utilise the DIP to bond the upper and outsole unit, creating a one-piece shoe without the use of glue or stitching. Benefits include flexibility, durability and a lightweight construction.

For more information, please visit or contact: Rebekka Schlippe, Global Marketing Manager, ECCO Golf. Email:




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