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21 Feb

Ernie Els Champion Pet Products was established in 2019 by three friends – Sheldon Golub, Bill Deutsch and Ernie Els – who together had a vision to revolutionize the pet industry with all-natural treats that also benefit the Els for Autism Foundation. 

In early 2020, the unforeseen challenges of COVID-19 brought production to a standstill and tragically claimed the life of co-founder Sheldon Golub. In response, his son-in-law, Mark Segal, and Ernie’s business manager, Rob Goulet, joined the executive team, undertaking a comprehensive examination of the brand and expanding the product line to now include an array of innovative offerings for both dogs and cats. 

With the well-being of pets and people in mind, the brand aims to generate greater support for the Els for Autism Foundation® and stand as champions for all those affected by autism.

“Food is fuel; we know how true that is for athletes,” says Ernie, a lifelong dog owner. “The same ethos holds true for your dog or cat. As responsible owners, keeping our pets active and healthy through proper nutrition is something we should all take seriously. That’s what our products are all about. Basically, doing right by your beloved dog or cat. We have a great product and I love the idea that we can use my name to help give our four-legged foodies healthier, happier lives.”

For more information visit the website: https://ernieelspetproducts.com/




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