“To identify talented young South Africans predominantly from families of limited resources and provide them with educational and life-skill assistance and playing opportunities in order to produce successful, well-rounded young adults with the main objective of providing such persons with sustainable access to the economy.”

The Ernie Els Foundation was founded in 1999 with the purpose of identifying and assisting young talented individuals, in golf, predominantly from families of limited resources and to deliver to them educational assistance and playing opportunities in order to produce successful young leaders and develop their playing ability to its full potential.

From the beginning of 2010 the members reverted to staying at home with their families. They are coached by their local PGA teaching professionals in consultation with the management of the foundation.

The members participate in tournaments locally and around the country, the reasonable costs of which are covered by the foundation.

The foundation changed its focus from a junior to an adult amateur program in 2015.

The foundation members must further their studies and the Foundation will contribute towards the costs thereof.

Since its inception, the foundation has continually evolved, always maintaining its three key focus areas:

  1. Golf
  2. Education
  3. Life Skills.

Inclusion onto the program is by invitation only and will only be considered if the applicant satisfies the following criteria: 

He or she must:

  1. Be a South African citizen.
  2. Attend a high school or a sports academy that offers full time high-school education in teacher-assisted classrooms (no home schooling, etc).
  3. Have a stroke average of 75 or less.
  4. Be prepared to be an ambassador of the foundation.
  5. The foundation reserves the right to appoint a member who might not necessarily qualify within the strict parameters of the criteria as laid out.

Membership of the foundation is on a renewable one-year basis and it is performance based.

The Educational, Coaching and Life Skills programs are designed to develop a well-rounded, yet competitive individual who will, during his or her time on the program, be encouraged to play competitive golf, qualify him/herself and participate positively within his or her community.

NOTE: For further information, please contact Foundation CEO Hannes van Niekerk by email hannes@ernieels.com. 




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