Meet the Team

Ernie Els



Ernie Els first became involved in the wine business in the late 1990s. Since then Ernie Els Wines has grown and matured into a successful and multi-award winning enterprise with a magnificent portfolio of South African red wines. Ernie himself is passionate about red wine and is very much involved in the tasting process for all vintages. In partnership with winemaker Louis Strydom their shared passion for red wine is reflected in the quality of the product right across the price ranges.

Louis Strydom

Winemaker & Managing Director


Louis has been part of the team since 1998 and in his career has distinguished himself as an exceptionally gifted winemaker. His core focus is producing red blends, which he has done with great success. He has never been shy to experiment with new and exciting varietals to add value to a blend. His understanding of the terroir and performance levels of these vineyards has been a key ingredient to the success of his wines. Click here for Louis’ video profile and to gain an insight into the art and science of wine making.






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