Report Fake News

It is with a degree of reluctance that my team created this page. It is borne of necessity and good old-fashioned virtues such as truth and integrity.

We all know that spurious online activity in its many insidious guises is a fact of the digital age, but that doesn’t stop us from trying to eradicate it. So whenever we have the opportunity to call out blatant examples of fake news, we will do so.  

You should know that the comments made in the articles highlighted on this page (below) are false, entirely groundless, in some cases defamatory, and extremely damaging. We take this matter very seriously. Where necessary, we’ve issued retraction notices. Whenever the required action is not taken, my team is instructed to pursue all legal remedies.

If you see anything online about me that looks suspicious or not credible, I’d appreciate you bringing it to our attention by contacting Steve Newell, who handles comms and social media for the Ernie Els Group. Email:

Thank you for your assistance and understanding. – Ernie Els





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